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5 Questions to Ask Yourself About Who You Want Advocating for Your Children

We live in a society fueled by instant gratification and constant misinformation. It no longer matters if the information is right as long as it is out there first. Even if the information is later corrected, that information never seems to make is as far as the info released first.

Why? To borrow an old newspaper method, if it bleeds it leads. The more sensational the information the better, regardless of sources.

What it means for our community and our children? It’s more important than ever to hold our elected officials accountable for the promises they make campaigning and to get to know them beyond a quick assessment of personality and the things they think we voters want to hear.

As a mom, and a registered voter, I believe electing our representatives, at the county, state, and federal level, is the highest privilege an individual has in a free society. My vote comes only after I acknowledge the issues that are important to my community and my family, educate myself about the issues the candidate has identified as important and ask myself these five questions:

  1. Does this candidate walk the talk or just talk the talk?

  2. What action has this candidate taken during the campaign to hear the concerns of their constituents?

  3. Can I realistically support this individual who one day I may disagree with?

  4. Would I want to put myself through the scrutiny and stress of running for office during a time when difference of opinions are seen as a phobia instead of embraced for what they’re intended: to bring about the best change for the community!

  5. Do I feel this person is capable of sticking to their guns, compromising when necessary and always doing the next right thing for my child?


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