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Learning Doesn't Stop When Formal Education Does

I am a big fan of education. Maybe, I should have started off with that tidbit about me when I tossed my hat in the rink to represent Hartwood on the Stafford County Board of Education, but there it is.

A short story about me: I went to school for as long as I could and changed careers until I found something I loved (public health education). My extended family liked to joke that my career goal was to stay a student. But the joke is on anyone who doesn't recognize that a day without learning is a like a day without breathing.

I learn something new every day whether I actively seek it out or it just sort of happens. It's what drives me. So, when someone offers me feedback about my campaign and constructive criticism I am going to take the lesson as a blessing and thank God someone cared enough to pen a thoughtful, insightful, and respectful email.

Why am I sharing all of this now? Well, the answer is twofold. One, I am honing the top three areas of focus and two, I'd like to hear from you about your concerns, as well. Mine are below:

  1. Empower Families

  2. Prioritize Spending

  3. Return to Normal

I believe if we do these three things we will be in a better position to ensure our children have a bright future.

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